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Cloud Backup FAQ

Why TurnKey Vault?

TurnKey Vault is the next-generation Cloud Backup technology - enabling you to protect your most valuable asset - your data. Secure and protect your data in the TurnKey Vault with SSAE16 certification and offering a HIPAA/PCI compliant backup solution that uses military-grade encryption and offers the simplified ease of use that comes with the TurnKey brand

What makes TurnKey Vault the absolute best Cloud Backup solution on the market is our system was built from the ground up with business users in mind. From encryption so strong that even we can't see your data, to the most advanced features on the market - like Live Cloud Replication, bare metal recovery and the ability to restore a server, PC or even an entire office of computers, live, in real-time, into a fully functional, cloud-based virtual environment accessible from anywhere over the Internet.

TurnKey Vault's next-generation Cloud Backup technology offers true Business Continuity and peace of mind through cloud-based redundancy that allows you to restore anything, anytime, anywhere. Best of all, your first 10 GB is FREE for life.

Is TurnKey Vault Secure?

All backups are stored using one-way military-grade AES encryption unique to each device. You are prompted to generate this key upon provisioning and data cannot be accessed or restored without it. This key is NOT stored by us, no one will ever have access to your data but you. Our cloud based backup environment is kept within our privately held SSAE16 Type II GREEN datacenter, with locked cabinets, CCTV security systems and 24/7/365 on site staff. Our servers are PCI compliant, and HIPPA compatible.

How Do I Backup Data?

Click the "Download Agent" link in your welcome email and choose your encryption key. This agent will run locally within your system and allow you to configure your fully customizable backup schedule, including alerts, excluded files/folders if needed, pre or post actions and any external sources such as mapped drives, VMWare® or Hyper-V® data stores, and databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL. Your data is automatically encrypted, compressed and undergoes a de-duplication process on its way to our secure datacenter.

How Do I Restore Data?

There are many different ways to restore your data. Starting with a simple file or folder level recovery, to the original or alternate location. Or you can mount a backup as a virtual drive and browse and copy/paste data onto your local drive. Servers can also be converted into virtual drives to be used in VMWare or Hypver-V. Bare metal restore allows a full system restore onto to your original hardware or directly into our cloud-hosted environment within our datacenter and accessed remotely.

What Is Cloud Replication?

TurnKey Vault allows your physical or virtual servers to be restored into a virtual environment. This can be a local virtual environment, or hosted environment with any provider. Both VMWare and Hyper-V formats are supported however these formats can be converted if required, to Xen or a number of other virtualization platforms. Within just minutes, your backups can be converted into fully functioning networked running servers or desktops. This allows mission critical applications to remain functional and accessible remotely in case of a disaster without needing to replace physical hardware, or provide infrastructure like power or internet in the event they are unavailable. Your business will never skip a beat, and you will never be without your important files. Server 2008, Server 2012, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 are required to take full advantage of live cloud replication.

We offer a premium Managed Backup Assurance Plan that gives you no-cost access to our 24x7 support team for assistance in restoring and configuring any aspect of your data in our dedicated standby cloud hosted environment.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you click the "Sign Up" link and complete the order process you'll receive a Welcome Email with your username and password to login and get started. This process is fully automated and you'll be online instantly! Best of all, the service is FREE for your first 10 GB. You have nothing to lose! (Once you back it up with TurnKey Vault that is).

What Operating Systems Are Supported?

TurnKey Vault offers support for all Windows Operating systems released in the last 15 years including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This also includes Server operating systems, like Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, including all variants service packs and R2 versions. Backups also function on Mac OS X, and any 32 or 64bit Linux operating system such as Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Slackware, CentOS, Fedora, RHEL, and Gentoo. Virtualized operating systems are supported as well.

How Much Space Do I Need To Purchase?

TurnKey Vault offers advanced features to control your data storage, such as automatic compression and de-duplication. This means 40 GB of data, may not actually consume 40 GB of storage space in the cloud. You may save up to 80% of your backed up storage vs real world storage. The actual conversion ratio will vary depending on the number, size, and types of files being backed up. The software also allows for excluded files or folders, so for example if local backups are being generated you can avoid backing up your local backups to the cloud to save on space. Also keep in mind schedule retention allows for multiple restore points. The more restore points you make available, the more storage space you will consume as differential data is stored between versions.

With TurnKey Vault, never worry about quota issues or failed backups. Your storage tier will be increased as needed for your convenience to ensure continued successful backups. Alternatively you can upgrade to the next storage tier at any time.

What is Bare Metal Restore?

Bare Metal Restore or BMR allows a full system restoration in the event of a disaster. Typically this would be onto a new fresh empty hard drive. This type of restore includes boot records, registry items, installed programs, and full operating systems. In the event a BMR is needed, simply download the required boot media here, burn the ISO to a CD, and follow the on screen steps to enter your device name, password, and encryption key. Once the data is downloaded from the cloud to your system, simply reboot and you'll be back in business.

What is the Premium Managed Backup Assurance Service?

All of our secure online backup services include easy to use fully automated software, detailed training and usage videos, as well as free technical support for using our secure online backup service. You have full access in your backup management software to fully restore any of your data, any time, anywhere. For clients who want premium concierge access to our expert support team for assistance with restoring data, and live cloud replication - we offer our Managed Backup Assurance plan that provides you with premium 24x7 support. This service also includes exclusive one on one training with an engineer to help you get started (up to 5 hours).

The Managed Backup Assurance plan also includes free per-incident and hourly support costs that would otherwise be associated when a customer wants to activate their live cloud replicated copy of their computer or server backups through our support team, offering a complete peace of mind for businesses wanting complete business continuity coupled with a helping hand to take care of them during such an event.

For clients who do not have a Managed Backup Assurance Plan, fees associated with declaring an emergency incident : an incident being defined as an emergency where TurnKey is engaged in assisting a customer restore their data locally or to the cloud for access or bare metal recovery, a fee of $999 is charged along with a $125/hr fee for time our technicians spend with you to recover your data. With the Managed Backup Assurance Plan, you don't have to worry about these fees and can focus solely on your data and business continuity.

What is a Dedicated Standby Cloud Environment?

Live Cloud Replication is a feature available to all customers, however, many lack the technological expertise or virtual infrastructure to facilitate the virtualization of systems in the event of an emergency. In order to ensure all of our customers have the ability to take advantage of this industry leading technology, we offer an optional dedicated virtual environment. This allows for a fully functioning cloud environment, hosted by TurnKey Internet, to be on stand by 24/7/365. With one phone call or email, our staff can restore your servers and desktops into this dedicated cloud environment, which can be accessed by you and your staff remotely anywhere in the world. Unless otherwise specified, cloud servers are QuadCore CPU with 4 GB RAM. Disk space will be allocated in accordance with the amount of storage space required to restore the server.

What is a Backup Seed?

When there is a large amount of data to be backed up, it’s possible a local network connection may not be able to sustain a high enough data ransfer rate for the backup to complete within a reasonable amount of time. A backup seed is taken using a local storage device, such as a USB hard disk. This USB drive is then delivered to the TurnKey Vault data center and the data is transferred to the cloud directly from your external storage device.

Subsequent backups from the source device can be completed much quicker than without a seed, because only new or changed files are backed up once the seed is loaded into the cloud. These backup seeds require approval and coordination with the TurnKey Vault staff. There is a processing and labor charge of $99 per device per seed to transfer.

In most cases backup seeds are not needed, as local network connections can typically sustain in upwards of 10 MB/s of transfer rates which is suitable for most backup sizes. Check with your internet service provider if you are unsure of your bandwidth capabilities.

What is the Backup Manager?

The Backup Manager is the agent which is installed inside each device to be backed up. This runs a local web interface that interfaces with the backup software, and the TurnKey Vault cloud, to facilitate the backup and restoration of data, along with the configuration of scheduled policies, and many other device specific settings. The Backup Manager is compatible with many operating systems, including Mac, Linux, and Windows desktop and server editions.

What is the Cloud Management Console?

Also known as CMC, the Cloud Management Console is the administrative interface used to centrally manage all of your devices. The software reports back successes or failures per device, along with cloud storage usage statistics. You can add new, modify, or remove devices using this application. The CMC is also used for reseller features such as branding and product management. The CMC can only be ran from a Windows/Mac system or server.